Pest Management in Office Buildings

Communication is so important in the office environment.

At MD Weaver we work with commercial tenant coordinators, facilities management, and property management to best coordinate the response to the concerns on the tenant.

Integrated Pest Management is found in the Green Building Council’s LEED-EBOM specifications. IPM is also mandated in the guidelines for pest management in the State buildings of Massachusetts, as well as in schools.

The majority or work in Office buildings is ongoing pest monitoring, and surveillance to guard against conditions causing pests. Remedial actions first considered are environmental, such as keeping pests out, eliminating their food sources and hiding areas. And then physical removal or control is considered. The use of chemical pesticides is considered last.

LEED-EBOM and WELL Certified Buildings

As required in LEED-EB&OM version 4, MD Weaver provides an IPM plan to meet all guidelines. It is important to perform pest management procedures without pesticides or with Tier III level pesticides of the least hazardous group.

As a commitment to best serving clients with LEED certified buildings, Mark Weaver is a LEED Green Associate and a Board-Certified Entomologist.

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State Buildings in Massachusetts

MD Weaver is a listed vendor in the State of Massachusetts’ FAC92 list. We service sites such as the State House, and State Police facilities.

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Schools and Daycares

As schools and daycares may be situated in office centers and complexes, information has been included here.

As in States such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire, MD Weaver provides pest management in accordance with the guidelines and requirements to work with schools and daycares.

School IPM Resources State-by-State:



New Hampshire:

Rhode Island:


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