Residential Pest Services.

Welcome to MD Weaver Corporation! Our Mission at MD Weaver is to provide our Clients with the most professional, scientifically-based pest management possible in an efficient and caring manner. We view ourselves as an extension of the client’s workforce, supplementing and complementing their workforce.

We regard our responsiveness and availability to the client equally important to the quality of advice and service we provide. With emphasis on client relationships we grow by referrals and not by advertising.


Single-Home Pest Services

As the seasons bring new weather, they also bring new pests. At MD Weaver we offer a quarterly home service program that will keep you covered in between visits for the most troublesome of pests to your home. Given the time of year, we make sure to look for different things. Our goal is to also educate you what to be aware of moving forward so you know what to look for. Don’t have pest problems often? No problem. We offer one- or two-time services for those pests who show up once in a blue moon.

Multi-Unit Pest Services

Do you have a good idea of the status of your residents’ units? At MD Weaver we offer pest and sanitation monitoring to keep an eye on status of your residents’ units for you. This these programs allow for us as well as you to have an idea of how to prevent pest activity, monitor current activity, and treat activity as discovered in your units. Don’t have pest problems in your units often? Feel free to give us a call today to learn more about our on-call pricing programs.