Providing Integrated Pest Management Since 1997

Welcome to MD Weaver. Our mission is to provide clients with a professional, sustainable, and science-based pest management approach. We pride ourselves in long term working relationships with clients throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island. We see ourselves as an extension of our commercial client’s workforce, as well as a trusted partner for service to your home.

MD Weaver has Board Certified and Associate Certified Entomologists, Biologists, Certified Technicians, Wildlife Experts, and LEED Green Associates on staff. We control pest activity though identification, monitoring, habit alteration, and application. Looking for a professional? Choose a leader. Call MD Weaver “The Pest Reliever”


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Residential Pest Control

Our goal at MD Weaver is to provide homeowners with a sense of relief from any pests that may be pressing them and their home. We offer individual services, multi visit services, and routine services tailored to which pests you would like us to focus on.

We believe the best way to help you understand and minimize your pest problems is through education, monitoring, assessment, and reviewing options for the best control measures. 

We work to find an approach that is sustainable, makes sense, and most important – control pests in and around your home. Let us discuss options and provide an approach that works best for you.



Commercial Pest Control

Our mission at MD Weaver is to provide our commercial clients with the most professional, scientifically-based pest management possible in an efficient and caring manner. We view ourselves as an extension of our client’s workforce, supplementing and complementing their workforce.

We regard our responsiveness and availability to the client equality important to the quality of advice and service we provide. We operate with an emphasis on client relationships and grow with a focus on our referral network rather than advertising.

Our priority at MD Weaver is to focus on long term staff and client relationships. We look forwarding to joining with you in providing a true service culture both in the way we perform our technical function, as well as the way we empathize with and respond to your needs.