Pest Services for Apartments and Condominiums


A significant portion of the MD Weaver work is with apartment and condominium complexes.

We have been fortunate to work with Leading Management Companies and Property Managers.

As members of IREM, MAA, and NEAHMA, we are dedicated to the industry and offer the most current and best practices in integrated pest management (IPM).


Considering the Angles in a Multi-Unit Building

People live adjacent to each other and share walls. And to many pests these walls can not only be doorways for them to squeeze through but can also provide hiding and living areas. At MD Weaver our approach is to consider this very carefully. We have programs that provide all-unit inspections and ways to seal pest entry points.

The other important characteristic of multi-unit living is that residents may commonly interact with one another, including visitations, or just be frequenting the same areas, such as community rooms, laundries, etc.

Pest such as cockroaches and bed bugs commonly hitch rides on people and their belongings and spread that way.


Preventative Inspections

The best way to solve a problem is to prevent one. This holds true with pest management and multi-unit apartments and condo buildings. We have programs that prepare the resident for inspection-only and programs that provide for treatment action at the time of the inspection. Please consult with your advisor for the best program for you.


Unit Tracker Exclusively at MD Weaver

At MD Weaver we have our own software to track unit services and trends, known as Unit Tracker. The data is readily downloaded in spreadsheet format, and both the customer and the MD Weaver have access to the program to enter resident and pest information.

And to keep a problem from coming back, MD Weaver technicians are diligent in identifying units that need a follow up visit or additional service to assure the pest problem will not just pop up again. These follow up appointments are put right on the Unit Tracker.

Pest Exclusion Between Units

At MD Weaver we provide pest exclusion work not just on the outside of a building to keep pests out, we also provide in-unit Pest Exclusion services. There is a preparation notice specific for this service that is provided to the property manager or resident coordinator to give to the resident.

Exterior Protection against Pest Entry

Seasonal pests such as ants and wasps, and rodent pests can begin on the outside of a building.

For rodents, it is common to maintain a routine inspection and the service of stations around the building exterior.

Our exterior insect control treatment directs a limited amount of material directly to the crevices where insects can enter, and not indiscriminately on the ground or against the foundation.


Green and Sustainable

By using non-toxic bait in rodent stations, we can monitor for activity, and then address it as needed. We have totally non-toxic programs where we use nontoxic bait and trapping devices.

For service indoors, we use the HEPA vacuum to physically remove pests and pest related debris. To address cockroaches, we have specially formulated gel baits that can be placed directly into the cracks and crevices where these pests hide.

For bed bugs, along wit the HEPA vacuum we also use steam, and a mechanical pesticide as it is nicknamed, CimeXa dust. This product physically dries out the insect and provides long term protection.

We also use the beneficial fungal agent to kill bed bugs, developed by researchers at Pennsylvania State University.


Timing is Everything

Pests cannot wait to cause issues, and you should not have to wait either to get the problems taken care of. At MD Weaver we do not use a paging services or call center. Instead, your calls go directly to our service staff. And for after hours, and by selecting 888-743-7378 extension 711, your alert is sent to multiple supervisory staff for the quickest deployment of available technicians, 24/7!

Quick responses are not optional to address the concerns of residents and pest activity.

Our many years of experience is constantly being used as we strategize with managers and coordinate with residents to get both preventative and remedial services accomplished.


And for those Special Situations

In a multinit establishment, there are many different residents that each carry their own individual circumstances. Different behaviors and conditions that a resident may be dealing with can result in an unkept living environment. The conditions can range from “hoarding” or excessive storage to unsanitary living conditions. At MD Weaver we practice understanding to a situation and work diligently with the property manager and resident to help solve these special circumstances that otherwise result in a horrible pest infestation.

We provide a service nicknamed “Special Services” to physically address a unit. This work commonly includes vacuuming pests and pest related debris such as mouse droppings, removal of unneeded items, or putting in bins items that would otherwise be accessible to cockroaches, mice, and bed bugs to hide in. Special Services are available and quoted on a case-by-case basis. Property managers have found that by using our Special Services the pest issue is controlled without having to get other companies or agencies involved.

Mark Weaver, BCE

Board Certified Entomologist



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