Multi-Family Pest Services

One of the factors that make pests so successful is their ability to quickly reproduce and recover from a reduction. When a control service achieves less than 100% control pests are left to regain their position and essentially negating the work that had been done in the unit. This results in continued problems for the residents and continued complaint calls to management. MDWCO knows that almost always 100% control is not accomplished with one visit to a residential unit.

Three main pests of concern within multi-family housing are mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs. IPM programs will commonly include these as the main focus, with inspection and control packaged together. By implementing a routine inspection program, pest management becomes pro-active instead of re-active. Pests are prevented or controlled before populations surge.

The combination of programs that we offer and extremely diverse. We can show you what a program from us would look like given the following factors:

  • Past history of pests
  • The number of units and average resident turnaround
  • The number of pests you would like covered
  • Your budget and the amount of service frequency and coverage you desire

Keep your residents at ease by getting a proactive plan in place to stop infestations ahead of time or get a reactive action plan in place for when you need it. Meet with an MD Weaver professional today to fill us in on what you’re looking for.